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Professional TV Mounting in Alexandria, VA

Have you just bought a brand-new high-quality HDTV and trying to determine where and how to install it? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place because ThisTVPro offers fast and professional TV mounting and other services. I am a professional technician located in Alexandria, VA, and I will be honored to share some more details about my work with you on this page.

My Services

TV Mounting & Cord Concealment

TV Mounting & Cord Concealment
After spending a substantial amount of money on your new flat-screen television, leaving the installation to a friend would be unreasonable. I provide fast and effective TV installation services at very affordable prices. I can also recommend a suitable location for its placement. Did you know that there is a smart way to hide every single wire in your house? Call me to come and conceal them. 

Soundbar Mounting

Soundbar Mounting
Whether you have purchased a new TV set or home theater system, the soundbar plays an essential role in your television experience. I am very diligent in soundbar positioning as I want you to have a high-quality listening experience. So, unless you plan on using a separate discrete surround sound system, make sure you plan on adding a soundbar, and I can help you with professional mounting. 

Curtain Rod Installation

Curtain Rods
I install curtain rods of any kind and size too. I am a specialist who will use the most advanced tools to get the job done correctly. After the work is complete, I can hang all your curtains and drapery. Different types of rods may have unique instructions, but I have years of experience in installing drapery hardware. No matter which drapery rods you choose, leave the installation process in the hands of an expert. 

Shelf Installation

Shelf Installation
If adding some shelves in your bedroom or living room is a part of your improvement project, give me a call. I will arrive fully equipped for the task. If you need an extra place to store your multiple books, magazines, and papers, I have a solution for you. I can install different separate shelves or a whole shelving system in your home. I mount metal, plastic, wooden shelving, or other variations. 

Hanging Pictures & Paintings

Hanging Pictures & Paintings
Hanging a picture is simple enough. But if you have a bunch of photos and paintings that you wish to put up in different places, contact me. Despite the many How-to videos on the Net, I do this for a living and can do it better and faster for you. Just tell me where you want them hung, and I will do it for you without a hitch. 

Picture Frame Mounting

Picture Frame Mounting
I am a specialist who can mount your new picture frame on any wall on your property. I will provide you with a prompt and efficient service and exceed your expectations with the superb results of my efforts. With my assistance, you will have nothing to worry about because I will handle everything for you.


To Your Favor

TV mounting professionals like me want you to feel very confident. For that reason, I am ready to assist you with advice and quality repair work that will make your abode a cozier place. Plus, you don’t have to worry about buying any of the tools. I will come and get the job done. It’s as simple as that. When you hire me to install your television, it won’t be crooked, and you will spare yourself both time and money. 


Efficient Methods and Approaches

The process of TV installation entails several different phases. The first step is planning, of course. If you are not sure where you should hang it, then I can give some recommendations. Since nobody likes to watch a slanted television, I will put all my effort and knowledge into installing the flat screen properly. I will use a level to make sure your newly mounted TV is straight and conceal all the cords afterward.


I provide affordable TV mounting services in Alexandria, VA. To ask your questions or schedule an appointment, call me now. ThisTVPro will give you a hand. 

Client’s Testimonial

by Henry on ThisTVPro

Always excellent service with yuri. He has mounted 2 tvs for me already. Super fast and professional. Would definitely recommend.

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